Each client will have a designated Account Specialist who helps manage from concept, and all the way to delivery. The underlined content is what the client needs to do.

 At Alona, we strive to turn orders around as efficiently as possible. All pieces are made to order, so we do not keep any stock. Different pieces require different processes and amounts of time to craft, so production times vary from order to order.

Fine Jewelry Customization

This is a general process, we could communicate specifically according to each product.
  1. Product communication. Including but not limited to style, metal material (14/18/22/24K, white/yellow/rose solid gold), budget, etc.
  2. Determine the stone. We could provide stones, and also accept customers to provide diamonds, emerald, sapphire, ruby, semi-precious stones, etc. (please note that natural/laboratory diamonds below 0.05ct are not accepted).
  3. Customer pay the design and CAD drawing fee(3D printing / hand wax carving feeif applicable)
  4. Determine the design artwork, which can come from the customer or we can do PS/hand-drawing.
  5. After confirming the artwork, we will carry out CAD drawings. We could also do 3D printing ormanual wax carving to display the real effect.   
  6. Estimate quoteand production time.
  7. After confirm the CAD or waxwork, please pay the product deposit,usually 75% of the total estimate amout.
  8. Production of products (inversion, film, inlay, polishing, etc.).
  9. Customer checks the products through photo or video, we could provide wearing performance. 
  10. We will calculate the accurateprice. There will be slight deviations during the actual production process, usually the gold weight. Of course, we control it very well, the adjustment range is very small.
  11. If all goes smoothly, customer will pay the balance.
  12. And we will arrange air shipment (DHL, Fedex,UPS),usually takes 4-8 days. We recommend purchasing freight insurance for high-value products to keep safety.

Customization Order for Solid Gold, Gold Filled and Silver Products

There are mainly 2 parts, sample and bulk.

General Comunication: product details(drawings,material,size,logo), pre-order quantity, expected receipt time, etc..

Sample Stage

  1. We will do rough quote according to the given information. Product unit price, sample cost (CAD, mold, 3D printing, hand-carved wax if if applicable), sample time.
  2. The customers pay sample fee.
  3. We will carry out CAD drawings first.
  4. The customers need to confirm the CAD drawings. If need, we could also do 3D printing wax or hand-carved wax to show the effect.
  5. Then we will make the real sample.
  6. We will send sample photos or videos to customer to see if there are anywhere to change.
  7. Send the sample to customer.
  8. After sample production, we will get accurate production data. If essential, we will update accurate quote and let you know the reason.

Bulk Stage

  1. Customers need to confirm the sample and decide proceed to bulk production, send PO and packing requirements to us.
  2. We will check and send PI back. If the bulk quantity reaches the standard, we will reduce the sample fee. Gold product 3 pieces per style, gold filled items and gold plated silver items 50 pieces per sku.
  3. The customers pay the deposite, usually 75% of total amout.
  4. We will hurry to bulk production after recieving the deposit.
  5. When we finish production, we will send photos or videos to customers.
  6. After checking, customer need to pay balance to us.
  7. We will arrange shippment via DHL, Fedex or UPS.


  1. Customers send sample number or pictures to us.
  2. We will check and get back to you.
  3. Customers send PO and packing requirements to us.
  4. We send PI back.
  5. The following steps will be start from Step “3.” of the bulk stage.
Alona Jewelry Watch

Below are some general indications on timelines to assist you with planning your next collection. The actual timeframe is subject to season, product style, order size, and communication flow between both parties.

Lead Time

Sample order: 2 – 4 weeks (up to 5 weeks on complex styles) 

Bulk order: 3 – 5 weeks (up to 8 weeks on larger orders)


PS Artworks = 3 — 5 days

Hand Design = 5 — 10 days

CAD Drawings = 3 — 5 days

3D printing,manual wax carving(if applicable) = 5 — 10 days

Sample orders = 2 — 4 weeks (start counting upon CAD confirmation)

Bulk orders = 3 — 5 weeks

Air Shipping = 4 — 8 days

Product Guarantee

We offer a 100% guarantee on the workmanship of our products and production defects on all orders. If you accidentally receive a defective or flawed product, please notify us within 7 business days of receiving your order. We will be happy to provide you with a replacement, free of charge repair service. We will cover all costs incurred (including shipping costs), provided all supporting information has been properly provided. Please note that every step in the production process is done by hand, so there may be some small spots or scratches. No two pieces are exactly alike, which adds to its unique handmade character. Damage due to normal wear and tear, accidents, mishandling, lack of care or misuse will not be considered a defective item and will not be covered by the warranty. We can provide paid maintenance services.

However, for products outside of the 7 day period, if you wish to claim an obvious manufacturing defect, please inform your Account Specialist. You will be asked to fill in a circumstance form so that we can open a case. Your Account Manager will then report back to you on what happened, the root cause and a corrective action plan (if applicable).