About Alona

ALONA is a jewelry brand come from China. All our products are designed by ourselves and produced in our own factory. We have a design team, R&D team, craftsman team and quality inspection team. Through a talented team of designers, our masters with more than 15 years of experience will then turn the design draft into reality. And hand it over to the quality inspection team for final appearance, functionality and security testing. Every product has passed through the hearts of countless people and finally delivered to you.

Our design philosophy is a celebration of harmony in diversity — an ode to the intersection, fusion, division and recombination of people, things and cultures. We embrace the complexities, intricacies and contrasts. Recognizing that true beauty and harmony emerge is in these differences. Every piece tells a story—a narrative born from the convergence of diverse elements.

We engaged in all aspects of jewellery development from design, manufacturing exhibitions and export. Throughout the production cycle, each piece goes through countless hands in multiple departments. We are equipped with a design department, a mold making department (3D computer and manual), a production department, a quality control team and a marketing team. Each production step can be traced back and we are committed to making high quality products.

Headquartered in Guangzhou, with a marketing team in Qingdao, China, our close-knit team of 120 employees is fully committed to meeting our customers’ production needs. Our employees are at the heart of what we do, ensuring that everyone involved in the manufacture and sale of our products is treated with respect and dignity. We offer employee benefits: pension, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance, accident insurance, housing fund.

Our design concepts are crafted by a team of in-house designers who are intuitive, responsible and inclusive. And it is constantly evolving with the times. Every Alona product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure our quality is unrivalled. We support chemical and physical testing and conduct regular on-site safety inspections to ensure that our metals are safe, hypoallergenic and resistant to discolouration. We also accept paid third-party testing. Our jewellery stands the test of time, no matter how life changes.

At ALONA JEWELRY, our aspiration is to serve as a herald of the fusion between Chinese cultural heritage and the artistry of jewelry. Through our meticulously crafted designs, we aim to intertwine the rich tapestry of Chinese cultural legacy with the elegance and allure of jewelry, presenting a harmonious amalgamation that celebrates tradition while embracing innovation.

What Can We Do?


CAD Design

3D printing

hand-carved wax




Laser Engraving

Design (hand drawing/software)

Hand/Wax/Microscope Setting

Production Display

3D Printing Wax


Hand-carved Wax



Heating Machine

Dry Barrel

Sample Plating