We know that choosing the right manufacturer could be a difficult decision, but with our unique technology, we deserve your try!

High Quality

Our production procedures are clear and traceable. Each step team is responsible for its own quality. In the specific production process, craftsmen with more than 15 years of experience will control the product details. After finishing products, we have a professional QC team to check the products before shipping.

Good Color Retention

The degree of color retention specifically refers to gold-plated products. We have integrated gold filled technology, using less pure gold to “wrap” the product than gold filled, and then use conventional plating on the outer layer. Gold of this method is more closely bonded to the product and has a higher gold content.

Through friction test, salt spray test, abrasion test and daily wearing test, this method can be used to determine the color retention time by controlling the thickness of the base layer. Even the thinnest layer can preserve the color for two years under regular wear. Of course, its cost is a little higher than ordinary water plating and IP plating, but it is worth it.

Sustainability and Ethical Business Conduct

Sustainability values must be maintained in both product materials and employee working conditions, and our stones are sourced from conflict-free areas. We pay social security for all employees to protect human rights.


We will always conduct our business with integrity. We believe that honesty and transparency are more important than perfection, so you will hear from us as openly and honestly as possible, there will always be unexpected things in the production process, we will communicate with you in time.


Innovating and improving is what we are doing continuously. Keep thinking and use creative methods to solve the current problems of customer. For example, we developed the unique high-preservation color electroforming process, which is based on the current situation that almost all fashion jewelry fades.

Customer Promise

We build long-term, strong relationships with our clients and strive to be their key strategic partners. We will focus all our attention on the specific jewelry, from designers to workers, we will treat every product with the greatest investment. Our goal is to provide our clients with a service that goes above and beyond.

Excellent Design Skills

We can not only carry out hand-drawn design based on your unrestrained design ideas, but also use computer software (PS) to design. After confirming the plane drawings, we will make CAD drawings and even 3D print the wax part to show you the item effect.

If the product is necessary, we can even arrange hand-carving wax. Hand-carved wax masters are becoming increasingly rare, but we believe this technology is still irreplaceable, especially when it comes to wrapping irregular stones. Our emphasis on design is worth your trust.


Timely and clear. On working days, we will reply within 48 hours.