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Recent Designs

The Crossing Necklace

Material: 18K yellow gold, natural diamonds

The circles serve as symbols of the convergence of diverse paths, each emblematic of the unity and interconnection fostered by life’s dynamic intersections. Within this convergence lies the genesis of novel encounters, articulated through the brilliance of sparkling diamonds. The pendant of the necklace is meticulously crafted from 18K yellow gold, elegantly juxtaposed with irregularly electroplated white gold. Every circle is meticulously secured through hand welding, resulting in a distinct hue for each individual piece. Over time, these interwoven circles evolve into a resplendent presence, shimmering with the passage of time.

Exquisite Lovebird Ruby Earrings

Material: 18K yellow and white gold, ruby, natural diamonds

Crafted from 18K gold, these lovebird love earrings feature ruby eyes and a diamond-inlaid body. The design draws inspiration from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Nightingale,” renowned for its celebration of beauty, goodness, and truth. Andersen’s creative backdrop reflects his deep admiration for opera singer Jenny Lind. The delicate bird bodies are crafted from 18K white gold, with beaks made of 18K gold. To achieve a lifelike effect, meticulous adjustments were made, resulting in an exquisite and vivid overall appearance.

Tanzanite Rotating Brooch/Pendant

Material: 18K yellow and white gold, tanzanite, diamonds, sapphires

Envision the enchantment of holding a triangular piece of glass, gently rotating it towards the sun, and witnessing the joyful dance of colorful light emanating around it. This experience evokes a rare, childlike happiness. The intricate design features meticulously hand-welded lines of 18K yellow and white gold. The centerpiece is a 1.48-carat tanzanite, elegantly encircled by natural diamonds and colored sapphires. This versatile piece serves as both a brooch and a pendant, offering a blend of elegance and whimsy.

The Umbrella of Power Brooch

Material: 18K white gold, black onyx, diamonds

The umbrella’s elegant silhouette symbolizes a shield, offering protection from the elements. Its design conveys the notion that true power lies in the ability to ride a storm with grace and determination. Each piece of hand-cut and meticulously polished black onyx, crafted by skilled artisans, serves as a steadfast anchor to withstand life’s tempests. Set within an elegant umbrella-shaped enclosure, it embodies a metaphorical shelter. May this brooch imbue you with the fortitude to stride forward courageously. Let it stand as a beacon of empowerment—a symbol reminding you of the immense internal strength, poised to unfurl, much like an umbrella, in the face of life’s adversities.

The Stone Kintsugi

Material: 18K yellow gold, natural lapis lazuli

We integrate stone fragments employing Kintsugi, a traditional Chinese ceramic restoration technique. Natural lacquer serves as the adhesive binding the pieces, while gold powder and gold leaf are employed for the repairing amalgamation. The complete manufacturing process demands meticulous handcrafted surface texturing, consuming a minimum of 100 hours for the creation of each individual product. Each piece is singular and unique. This series is a collaboration with custodians of China’s intangible cultural heritage and is presently engaged in negotiations with local city museums for exhibition, it is anticipated to be showcased in the autumn of 2024.

Charity Series Elephant Brooch & Pendant

Material: 925 Silver, lapis lazuli, moissanite

Dedicated to supporting education for girls in underdeveloped areas through a donation of 10% of sales. Symbolizing inner peace, the elephant embodies a sense of tranquility for its wearer. Crafted entirely from 925 silver, this piece features lapis lazuli and moissanite stones.

Our Technical Expertise

Hollow products with large size and controllable weight

  1. This is for solid gold and silver products.
  2. By utilising the electroforming process to produce hollow products, we can control the thickness of the product to determine the total weight. This allows us to keep the weight of larger products within a comfortable wearing range, see left picture for sample sizes and weight.
  3. An unavoidable feature of hollow products is the need for a small hole on the inside of the product (see the arrow in picture). This is due to the fact that wax needs to be removed during the manufacturing process, the wax will flow out of this small hole.

Silver products with good colour retention

  1. Our plating method combines the technique of gold filled, through electroforming technology in the base layer of the substrate closely combined with a thin layer of pure gold, and then do the normal plating on the outside, through this method, we can achieve very good colour retention effect.  
  2. We hope that customers will give clear instructions for colour retention time, the thicker the electroformed gold, the longer the colour retention time, the higher the cost, which will also affect the production time to a certain extent.

3. The same as the plating process, gold filled technology also requires high temperature and acidic environment. Therefore, there is a slight limitation on the stones and styles. Before plating can not be assembled organic gemstones, such as pearls, mother-of-pearl, agate, amber, etc..

Hand-carved Wax -- Vivid finished products
  1. Hand-carved wax is delicate, time-consuming, costly and scarce.
  2. Handmade wax has the irreplaceable advantage of perfectly fitting the metal to the irregular stones, especially suitable for the customisation of expensive irregular stones.
  3. For regular shaped stones, we can use 3D scanning and 3D printing wax to confirm the fit.
Alona jewelry hand carved wax 02(1)

Product Available Materials

Solid Gold Products

14/18/22K yellow/white/rose gold.

Stones can be diamond, lab diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, semi-precious stones, etc.. 

Gold Filled Products

14k, 18k, 22k, 24k yellow gold sleeve.

Thickness can be customized,

Base mental can be brass, copper, silver.

Gold Plating Silver

Special color retention process.

Combined with electroforming process.

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