We could produce solid gold product 1 piece per sku, 3 pieces per style will return the payment of CAD drawing and mold.

gold filled products requires at least 50 pieces per sku, silver products at least 100 pieces. Simple fee will return when bulk.  

In most cases we could accept customer supplied stones such as emeralds, sapphires, rubies, diamonds, aquamarines, pearls etc. Please note that natural and lab diamonds smaller than 0.2 carats can’t provided by customers. We recommend purchasing shipping insurance when shipping higher value stones, and we will promptly confirm the condition of stone with the customer upon receipt.

No, they are quite different manufacturing process. gold filled jewellery is jewellery that consists of a sleeve of pure gold (usually at least 5% of the total weight of the normal size jewellery) mechanically bonded or electroforming onto a base of brass, copper or silver as base metal.

Ordinary gold plating is a thin layer by using water/PVD plating electroplated gold, usually 0.125-3 microns thick, thin and easy to lose luster. About our special color retention process, we combines gold filled technology and normal plating, but the weight of layer gold is relatively smaller than gold filled, and color retention time could be determined according to custome requirements by controlling the gold sleeve thickness. In this way, we can achieve a win-win situation of color preservation and cost control.

Most high quality gold filled jewellery looks the same as high carat gold, and gold filled jewellery can last for up to 20 years, even if worn every day, although the gold layer will eventually wear off to reveal the metal beneath.

The gold sleeve on gold filled products are very tightly bound at the ionic levelis. If you want a collection of high-quality, durable jewellery but don’t want to buy expensive solid gold jewellery, gold filled are a good option.

Since gold plating technology requires high temperature and acidic environment, organic stones that need to be combined before gold plating cannot be used, such as pearls, amber, coral, and clams. In addition, common agate and opal cannot be assembled before gold filled.

Commonly used diamonds, laboratory diamonds, crystals, zircons, and synthetic gemstones can all be used, but there are always surprises during the production process. We can conduct actual inspections through samples.

Another treatment method is to assemble the stone after gold filled and plating, which will have some requirements on the inlay method. We can discuss it based on the case.

Our gold plating technology includes gold filled technology.To put it simply, we first use gold filled technology on the bottom substrate, and then use conventional plating on the outer layer. Gold of this method is more closely bonded to the product and has a higher gold content.


Through friction test, salt spray test, abrasion test and daily wearing test, this method can be used to determine the color retention time by controlling the thickness of the base layer. Even the thinnest layer can preserve the color for two years under regular wear. Of course, its cost is a little higher than ordinary water plating and IP plating, but it is worth it.

Yes. We use gold-filled silver as well as semi-precious stones. They offer a more accessible price point for consumers and relatively consistent quality, won’t tarnish like gold-plated products. Semi-precious jewellery is therefore the perfect interface between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry.

All jewellery offered by Alona is hypoallergenic and free of nickel, lead and cadmium. Upon request, we can also provide testing services that comply with your country’s laws at an additional cost.

Products in stock will be shipped within 3-5 days. Out-of-stock products are produced after ordering. Samples 2-4 weeks, bulk 3-8 weeks, depending on style and quantity.

Yes, we can customize it for you based on the original design.

If you have over 10,000 followers on Instagram and regularly create engaging content,  then contact us with a partnership request. We usually offer a 5% discount on your first order with us, in exchange for a post on Instagram plus a story with a mention/hashtag. Both of these must be done within the first month of receiving your shipment.

As with all jewellery, special care must be taken to ensure that they do not scratch or fray. The following are general guidelines:

  1. Each piece of jewelry should be stored separately to avoid scratching, wherever possible, in zip locks to avoid contact with the air.
  2. Store jewelry in a clean, dry place away from natural light, humidity (bathrooms) and heat.
  3. Remove your jewellery before showering, going to bed or participating in sporting activities (especially swimming). It’s better to removering every time you wash your hands.
  4. Avoid contact with perspiration and harsh chemicals such as perfumes, detergents, chlorine and salt water.

Oxidisation occurs over time as the outer layer of cast solid gold wears away, exposing the underlying silver to react with oxygen in the air. Of course, the discolouration of gold-fiiled products is much longer than those gold-plated products, and it takes years of normal wear to slowly oxidisation.

Worldwide air shipping via DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc., Usually 4-8 days.